About my work…

Being particularly interested in what emerges when hyperrealism and romanticism get confronted, ‘oxymoron’ could be the key word to my own artistic development.
From these two opposite currents, emotions and force take their roots. Each watercolor painting expresses an idealized version of Provence. I do not try to stick to a genuine representation of inlets and havens but rather to a dreamlike possibility.

Needless to say that I get inspired by the people and the places I love. But, after having drawn their outlines, light, fluidity and transparency become the main topics. Thanks to watercolor paint, a meticulous transcription of these effects can be performed. It is from the fragile combination between pigments and water that imagination germinates.

If my intention is, first, to lead the observers to recognize the seascapes and landscapes around Marseille, my purpose is, above all, to make them get detached from reality and reshape an idealized Mediterranean panorama through the fiction I present.

By a pictorial language which refers to realism, sensitivity, and to the sublime, my intention is to give birth to a vibrant emotional link between my work and you.